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To enrich the quality of life for heart and cardiovascular patients through the delivery of healthy meals and life-changing resources.

Our vision 

 A world where all people with heart and cardiovascular disease live extended and strengthened lives.

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our values

Humanity, Ethics, Accessible, Resolute, Trustworthy.


Humanity: We desire to protect the life and health of heart and cardiovascular patients by assisting them with supporting resources to live happy, healthy, and extended lives.


Ethics: We strive to live by honorable principles and the highest standards in resource delivery.


Accessible: We will ensure consistent service delivery that is available to all heart and cardiovascular patients – no one will be denied.


Resolute: We are steadfast to our vision, mission, values, and organizational goals, and their continual fulfillment.


Trustworthy: We are a dedicated team, made up of a diverse range of passionate individuals, who will remain loyal to each other and our members, with our all-inclusive best interests at heart.


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