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meet our founder & ceo

Crys Staffney is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and the Founder & CEO of From Keisha’s Heart to Yours. Crys established the not-for-profit organization this year in loving memory of her sister Keisha Staffney.


Before losing Keisha on May 2, 2020, Crys dedicated her life to being her sister’s support and health advocate through every trial, tribulation, and threat to her life. During such an intense journey, Crys developed strong relationships with Keisha’s doctors, and an equally strong alliance to heart and 

cardiovascular disease itself. She gained a deep understanding that fueled an intense desire to alleviate, and if possible, prevent the unnecessary suffering of heart and cardiovascular disease patients.

Crys' career currently spans almost 20 years, in the focus fields of communications, public relations, marketing, and strategic planning. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Wayne State University, earning a BA in Media Arts & Studies and a MA in Public Relations & Organizational Communications. Notable roles at the commencement of her career include Promotions Director, Assistant Marketing Director, Marketing Consultant, and Communications Consultant. 


Crys' work in the not-for-profit sector began in 2012. Her most recent roles include Programs Director, Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Director of Programs & Community Affairs, and Development Director. Crys is proud of her accomplishments. A career highlight was executing and directing the progress of key initiatives, in the role of Operations Officer with ARISE Detroit! A memorable initiative: ‘Neighborhoods Day’ had the key goal of driving organizational success and achievement through the increase of revenue and consistent cost reduction. Another highlight was working with Teen HYPE. Crys crafted successful call-to-action content that encouraged stakeholders to continue donating, while simultaneously encouraging new donors to support Teen HYPE’s Youth Leaders. Crys played a pivotal role, in conjunction with Teen HYPE leadership staff, in developing community messaging that resulted in the commission of external resources, grant funding, and new program partnerships for the organization. The funding allowed the next generation of leaders to continue using the Arts to address social injustice issues that young people faced that significantly impacted their day to day lives.

Crys' wealth of industry knowledge and experience sets her apart from other professionals and aptly places her in the perfect position to fulfill her current role as CEO of From Keisha’s Heart to Yours.

Crys envisions a world where heart and cardiovascular disease patients can easily access healthy meals for themselves and their family. Her vision includes the provision of accompanying programs that provide vital support to ensure the strengthening of their lives and extension of their life expectancy. Crys vision is complete with the forward-thinking goal of creating scholarships for future vascular & cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, and cardiac nurses.

From Keisha’s Heart to Yours is the realization of Crys' vision, and her hearts mission to continue Keisha’s fight, and help people with heart and cardiovascular disease to live long, happy, and fulfilling lives!

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